Tips to chose your rug

You must love the rug!
It’s something that should last forever!

How to choose the correct rug?

Most rooms need a rug. Rooms without a rug can appear unwelcoming and unfinished. The rugs introduce a sense of luxury, and particularity, if they have good quality. But how to chose colours, patterns and textures of the rugs for your rooms?

Here a little guide with some tips to help you:


First of all you must understand the purpose of you future rug: do you want a real statement piece to define a space, or a more neutral and tranquil design to unify a room?


If you want to break up the room in several areas, some smaller rugs could help you to define different spaces. But be careful with dimensions: small rugs look bitty and mean in the wrong space. A common solution is to have a rug that sits within the furniture, in front of sofa and chairs for example. The rug should be lightly longer and wider than the furniture and not to far from the seating (Image A and B).

If you want to give a wonderfully luxurious and flowing feel to the space, go for the  largest size, if you can afford, and it will give a generous and calming effect to the room too (Image C). The large rugs are also good when you want to unify a room. In this case leave enough extra space around all the furniture and better leaving completely off to the rugs the furniture around the perimeter of the room, such as cupboards.

For a dinning room, opt for a large rug under the table to bring colour in the space. The ideal size is generally at least 1.50 m larger than the table in each direction, in a way to have materials also when we pulling out the chairs (Image D). Remember that for this purpose, the most important part of the design becomes the border, as the center of the rug will mostly be oscured by the furniture.

For a bedroom, the best place for a rug is underneath the bed to framing it, but stopping short of the bedside tables (Image E). Another alternative is to have smaller rugs on the sides of the bed (Image F).

Remember to order the rug slightly larger than the space, up to 20 cm extra in each direction to allow for the fitting.