Choose wool rugs

Moldabela is using natural yarn from Eco Wool. Our yarn is created using Wool from New Zealand and British Wool that are all known as being of a high quality. Also we are using Carded Eco Wool that helps us to design wool carpets with different texture.

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Moldovan carpet tradition

Moldova is an integral part of Europe and has a rich history. This country is situated in the contact zone between different cultural and historic trends – Carpathian-Balkan, Central-European and Eurasian. During its multi-millennial history harmoniously absorbed diverse cultural traditions of Proto-Indo-Europeans and archaic Indo-European peoples, thus obtaining specific and unparalleled features. All ethnic groups have embellished traditions and folk art of Moldova with something personal.

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Tips to chose your rug

You must love the rug!
It’s something that should last forever!

How to choose the correct rug?

Most rooms need a rug. Rooms without a rug can appear unwelcoming and unfinished. The rugs introduce a sense of luxury, and particularity, if they have good quality. But how to chose colours, patterns and textures of the rugs for your rooms?

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