Moldovan carpet tradition

Moldova is an integral part of Europe and has a rich history. This country is situated in the contact zone between different cultural and historic trends – Carpathian-Balkan, Central-European and Eurasian. During its multi-millennial history harmoniously absorbed diverse cultural traditions of Proto-Indo-Europeans and archaic Indo-European peoples, thus obtaining specific and unparalleled features. All ethnic groups have embellished traditions and folk art of Moldova with something personal.

Moldova is known all around the world as the country of traditions. The folk art is being represented by a reach variety of genres, types and species. In this country that is leaving in a modern world you still can see women that are weaving traditional carpets using techniques and ornaments passed down from generation to generation.


The Art of the Moldovan folk carpet has old and authentic traditions. You won’t see a traditional Moldovan house without carpets on the walls, on the beds, on the floor. The carpets were considered to be family relics that were sent from generation to generation, probably this way “surviving” till nowadays. The traditional decor is based on a certain rhythm and simplicity.

A handmade carpet is more than just a decorative object, is a story, a symbol, a source of memories. The Moldovan folklore has a strong basis and embraces a system of popular confessions and customs. This cultural inheritance in all its manifestations represents a large area of national art of special value, which not only preceded its cultural forms but also continued to develop in the modern era conferring to the professional culture its ethnical originality.